Jan 2015

HCG: The Differences between Drops and Injections

There are three criteria to consider when trying to decide which is better for weight loss, HCG drops or injections? Those three criteria are: effectiveness, safety, and the relative cost of each. We’ll look at each of those criteria more closely next.

HCG dropsThe first pint of debate between the two is the relative effectiveness of each. According to recent studies, the liquid drops are just as effective as the injections for facilitating weight loss. Some studies even seemed to indicate that dieters who switched from injections to the drops enjoyed more benefits with the drops as compared to what they had experienced with the injections–more energy, fewer hunger pangs, and a suppressed appetite. If that’s true, then HCG drops would seem to be better than the injections for promoting easy weight loss.

The biggest impediment to any weight loss plan, for most dieters, is the cost associated with the plan itself. Some diets simply cost a lot of money! All forms of HCG are relatively inexpensive, though, which puts HCG ahead of other plans when it comes o weight-loss therapy. Drops are actually more convenient than injections, because injections require a doctor’s prescription and may have to be shipped to a dieter from another country. HCG drops, on the other hand, are usually available locally in homeopathic supply shops, most often without a prescription.

Aside from discussions about the convenience, cost, and effectiveness of HCG, another issue to consider is the potential for side effects. What are the potential dangers in that area? It turns out that there are some risks associated with the use of HCG. In terms of risk, injections and drops seem to be on the same footing. Neither seems to be safer (or more dangerous) than the other. Potential side effects associated with HCG use can include: water retention, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, hives, sudden weight gain, irregular urination, breast tenderness, gynecomastia in men, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) in women, swollen hands and feet, irritability, depression, confusion, and–possibly–heart attack. These side effects have been widely reported among people using HCG, but they are serious enough that they should not be discounted or ignored, either.

The only significant difference between HCG drops versus injections seems to be the relative cost and availability of each. Neither version has been approved by the USFDA. You would be well-advised to consult with your doctor before using either form of this hormone. I understand that you want to lose weight. (Don’t we all?) Just proceed cautiously as you do so!

Jan 2015

What is takes to be a Great Motivational Speaker

Everyone can speak their mind. Everyone can lend a hand to a friend, listen to their woes and help them move on or solve their worries. Being a friend is easy, but not everyone can be a motivational speaker. Motivational speaking requires confidence, expertise and charisma. It is not just about saying the right words at the right time. Motivational speakers possess characteristics that make motivating, inspiring and encouraging people possible. In order to be amongst those considered as effective and great motivational speakers you have to possess several characteristics considered as the good qualities of a public speaker.

motivational speakersGreat motivational speakers own a great sense of optimism and personal motivation. You cannot tell anyone to be motivated or think positively if you are not exactly showing it. As they say, you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. A motivational speaker needs to inspire or motivate not just one, but a crowd of people. This is difficult, especially if you lack persuasion skills. If you want to be great as a motivator you have to own an abundant supply of happy pills to keep you motivated. You also have to learn the art of optimism. Most speakers are tapped into mostly to boost the morale and to provide a bit of encouragement during tough times. Great speakers can find the best thing even in the worst conditions.

If you want to be a good motivational speaker you should possess the ability to connect to your audience. It is not just about maintaining eye contacts with your audience. You also have to make them feel like you are one of them and that they can totally relate to you. Talking to them in general should make each individual feel like you are talking to them personally. Most speakers focusing on motivational speeches contain a deep sense of charisma. Charisma is all about possessing attractiveness and charm.

Humor is one way of establishing a connection with your audiences. Make them laugh, relax and happy. People also relate more to people who are humble and exude just the right mix of confidence and humility. If you would notice, great speakers start their speeches with stories of their past failures and meltdowns. It makes them more human and totally relatable. But never create stories that do not exist. People hate liars and you will not get their vote of confidence if you lie to them.

Great motivational speakers possess a good speaking voice. The voice is considered as 90% of the package. A good voice is one that resonates all throughout the room and is one that is heard by every audience in the venue. A good voice can be learned and that is where trainings, seminars and classes come in. You have to invest in making your voice sound good because you will earn a living speaking. Your speech may have been the best written speech in history, but if it is delivered poorly, it could make or break your career as a motivational speaker. You have to learn how to pace your words appropriately. This is to ensure that your speech will not appear like a long, boring, lecture.

Experience also plays an important role in becoming a great and effective speaker. They say that experience is the best teacher. This is what makes you unique and what makes you an interesting person to listen to. Lastly, a great speaker possesses confidence. Nobody would want to listen to someone who seemed unsure of what he or she is saying. But you do not need to be confident because that could ward of listeners.

Jan 2015

7 Questions That An Employee Engagement Survey Must Contain

The employee engagement survey is used by the surveyor to determine if the management needs to be improved. The management affects the employees’ performance in the workplace. Here are questions that are typically found in the survey.

1.  Does the management provide resources that will help you do your job?

Employee Engagement SurveyThis question determines if the employee has been given the appropriate equipment for training. The equipment will eventually be used in the workplace when he or she has been properly trained. Using the right equipment is important in making good decisions in the workplace. For example, the employee can offer different solutions to the customer’s problem. This scenario is helpful if he or she doesn’t have enough solutions for the customer’s problem.

2.  Do you receive information from the management about what’s going on in your department?

This question determines if the employee has been updated with what task should be done. It also determines if he or she should do a different task or a similar task. For example, the first employee is making documents. The second employee is calling customers. The second employee will help the first employee if there aren’t any customers to call.

3.  Have you received recognition from the management for doing good work?

An employee engagement survey with this question determines if the management recognizes certain employees. The employees may be praised for consistently showing good qualities in the workplace. They may be given three types of promotions: paper promotion, dry promotion, or up promotion.

Paper promotion is typically given to employees who have been working for a long time. This promotion separates the junior employees from the senior employees.

Dry promotion allows the employees’ salary to be increased. The employees who receive this promotion may not require a higher job ranking. Up promotion is given to employees who have good work performance. But they’ll be transferring to another department.

4.  Are there days when you want to come to work and days when you don’t want to come to work?

This question gives the management an idea why the employee comes to work by considering several factors. The factors are money, workplace relationships, personal problems, and benefits.

The management negotiates with the employee about the salary until he or she is satisfied. This usually happens when money is concerned. The management may offer activities where teamwork is required. These activities help strengthen workplace relationships.

The management may talk to the employee if personal problems are experienced by the employee. This helps the employee solve his or her problems without affecting the quality of his or her work. If benefits are a concern, the management may offer benefit plans that are suitable for the employee.

5.  Does the management value diversity in a workplace?

An employee engagement survey containing this question assesses if the management values different employees. Having different employees means that the management hires people regardless of various factors. The factors are the employees’ gender, race, age, work experience, and education.

6.  Does your job make good use of your skills and knowledge?

This question determines if the employee’s abilities and knowledge are relevant to his or her job. For example, the employee needs to have typing skills if his or her job requires typing data. He or she must have knowledge about the effects of drugs if the job requires administering drugs.

7.  Does the management give you the opportunity to grow?

This question determines if the management offers job promotions to employees. Job promotions are usually offered to employees who show good performance. Promoted employees can do tasks that aren’t the responsibilities of low-rank employees.

The employee engagement survey should help the employee improve his or her job performance. The survey should also be given once or twice a year to see if there are any changes in his or her job performance.

Jan 2015

Preparing for Expenses during Funeral Services

While a loved one’s death is often the last thing on a person’s mind, it is no secret that funeral servicesmay cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, people nowadays make it a point that they also put aside money for events like deaths and funerals.

funeral services
When preparing for funeral services, keep in mind that there are a lot of things that you do have to spend for when it comes to remembering a departed loved one. If you want the best for a dearly departed, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

Shop Around for Services

Not all locations for funeral services would offer the same price, so it would help you keep to your budget when you shop around. Talk to the funeral director for the cost of the venue and what comes with it. Make sure that you also have a location for the service that would provide everything that your guests would need during the occasion. To see to it that everything can be covered for a minimal price, ask for funeral home rates around the neighborhood.

It would also be helpful to ask for opinions among family members and friends, since they may have helpful experiences regarding funeral events that would open up more ideas on how you can keep your expenses low.

Prepare for the Announcement

If you are thinking of having a newspaper print obituaries, gone are the days when most publications would almost charge gratis for posting these announcements. You may want to consider using social media networks, such as Facebook, to announce schedules for funeral events.

Opt for Prepayment

For most people who are preparing early for their death, they opt to prepay their funeral service instead of having their family incur sudden expenditures. If you are thinking of prepaying your funeral services instead of having your entire life savings spent for it, better talk to your insurance providers early and have it covered as soon as possible.

Think About the Costs of Burial and Cremation

There are family members that would rather spend more for the costs of caskets, burial plots, or cremation services, simply because they think that they would rather have a better resting place for their loved ones. The reason is quite logical since loved ones would want the funeral service simple to make sure that their dearly departed would be placed in a site that would make it easier for them to visit in the future. After all, funeral services and burial grounds are made to make everyone pay their respects to the dead, and it might be a better idea to think about the long run.

Welcome Pledges or Contributions

Most of the friends and family members of the departed understands that deaths can be costly, and that family members might overlook certain expenditures since grief becomes a priority for this occasion. For that reason, people make it a point that they bring sympathy gifts or contributions to not only express their condolences, but to also ease the expenses.

When death happens in the family, make sure that everybody does their part. Ask for contributions from friends and family when you are tasked to organize a funeral, whether that is a financial one or something to serve to the guests. Most of your guests already understand that, and they would be more than willing to provide.

A funeral service, when planned correctly, does not have to go over your budget. By following the above tips, you would be sure that this solemn event can be observed without having to worry about the cost.

Basic PCB Fabrication Process and Techniques

Printed circuit boards, otherwise known as PCBs, are manufactured in very clean environments that are free of or have very little contaminants. Different manufacturers have different techniques in sterilizing the air and surroundings, but all are aimed to implement the best and safest PCB fabrication process possible.

This is ensured because of the sensitivity of the electronic parts and substrates themselves, as even only a little contamination can greatly affect the functionality of the circuit boards being built.

Here are the basic PCB fabrication processes and techniques as implemented in a common single-sided PCB:

1. The first step after receiving the circuit design from a customer is to make the substrate or the insulating surface. This is the foundation of a PCB in which the design is printed and the electronic components are attached. It is usually made of fiberglass or phenolic.

PCB fabricationThe substrate is made by spraying epoxy resin to the fiberglass or just by soaking it in the paste solution. The drenched fiberglass panel is then moved across a roller where it is pressed to its required thickness. Afterwards the panel is encrusted with a thin layer of copper foil with an adhesive back, pressed together, and then subjected to 340 degrees Fahrenheit of heat and 1,500 psi of pressure for at least an hour. This PCB fabrication technique completely cures the epoxy solution and firmly fuses the coated copper on the substrate.

2. The next step is to drill and plate holes in the substrate. When mass producing PCBs, the substrates are usually stacked on top of one another before drilling. They are placed in a computer numerical control (CNC) machine where holes are drilled as instructed by the circuit board design. The holes are then smoothened around the edges.

Based on the design, specific holes that should be used as conductors are then copper plated while non-conducting holes are blocked.

3. After the holes are completed, the PCB design is now ready to be printed on the substrate. It is done by either an additive or a subtractive technique. In an additive technique, copper outline is printed directly on the surface of the substrate based on the design. On the other hand, subtractive technique covers the entire surface of the substrate with copper, and then the spots that are not part of the design are etched away. Either of the two are correct techniques of printing.

4. After the design of the circuit is printed, it is now time for sealing and stenciling. All boards are individually sealed with epoxy to keep the substrate from being blemished during the mounting of components. Special directions, again based on the design, and specific indicators are then stenciled on the substrate.

5. The next step and one that is most important in this basic single-sided PCB fabrication process is the mounting of electronic parts and components. Several of the parts are attached by special machines, while others are done by robotic arms. Some of the larger components, however, are to be manually attached and soldered by a person to ensure quality and stability.

These days, the most common technique of attaching components on a PCB is the surface-mount technology. It is an improvement from the traditional through-hole technology where legs of an electronic part, say a resistor, is slotted into a hole and then soldered on the opposite site of the board.

Surface-mount technology places the parts directly on top of the board and then applied with a soldering paste before being put into an oven for heating. The high temperature will melt the paste and create a solid connection between the parts and the board.

6. The last step in the basic PCB fabrication process is finishing and packaging. The completed boards, together with all the required electronic parts, are carefully cleaned of all excess resin or solder paste. Each board is then separately packed with protective casings for delivery.

Dec 2014

All about Golf

Are you interested to play golf? Are you a beginner who has no idea about golf, except from what you mostly see which is hitting a golf ball across a wide green area? Have you seen some items at TaylorMade golf that grabbed your interest?

Read on to know more about golf – its history, rules, equipment and etiquette.

Golf Overview

Golf is a game of precision. It’s a club and ball sport that has competing golfers; these golfers use different kinds of golf clubs to hit balls into holes. Your objective is to shoot the ball with as few strokes as possible.

Golf is a game that doesn’t really require standard playing areas. The game is instead played on a course with an agreed progression of either 18 or 9 holes.

The Golf Course

RockbottomgolfYou play golf on a course, and the course consists of the holes (each hole has a teeing ground with two markers that indicate the bounds of the teeing area), rough, fairway and other hazards, plus the putting green that’s surrounded by the fringe with a pin and a cup.

The course’s grass levels differ to provide more difficulty, or in case of the green, to allow for putting. The typical golf course will consist of 18 holes; 9-hole courses are common though which usually are played twice.

Golf Basic Rules

To play golf, a player must have a set of clubs of different sizes and lengths, a golf bag, and a set of golf balls. Other accessories can be purchased but beginners can already start with the aforementioned items (You can purchase some at TaylorMade golf.).

You then will have to choose on what type of game you’ll be playing. Usually professionals choose the ‘stroke play’ – it simply uses the number of strokes you take to complete the game to come up with your score. You’ll win if you have the least number of strokes.

Team plays are about groups of golfers (usually two or three in a team) playing against each other. It’s quite the same as a stroke team; you count the strokes but the numbers are tallied as one team.

Amateurs sometimes use handicaps when scores are being calculated – it allows you to deduct points from the total score.

Equipment Used

The right equipment will definitely help – you just have to remember that you don’t have to remove all contents of your savings account to begin playing the sport. What’s better is to find the right equipment that allows you to enhance your (understandably) imperfect skills with the smallest expense.

A. Golf Ball –this is the spherical and dimpled ball used in golf. Usually white, the diameter of the golf ball should not be less than 42.67mm, and the mass should not be more than 45.93 grams. You don’t have to spend much on them, too, as long as you know how to choose the right ball.

B. Golf Clubs – you need only a few clubs; you won’t use a lot of them if you’re still a beginner anyway. What you only need to have is a sand wedge, a putter and a driver plus a 6-iron and an 8-iron, a hybrid and a pitching wedge. Luckily, TaylorMade Golf clubs make ideal choices because of their quality.

C. Golf Bag – since you’d be carrying a lot of stuff, it’s best for you to have a golf bag. Virtually golf bags are divided with supports at the top not only for rigidity but also for easier division of clubs of different types.

Like any other activity, the hardest part about playing golf is getting started. Why do you play golf? Is it because of work? For social reasons? Is it just because your friends are doing it? How much time can you invest in it?

Once you’re done with brainstorming and soul-searching, then it’s time to proceed with your plan. March to the nearest Taylormade golf store today, get what you need, and proceed with your golf magic.

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Dec 2014

Things to Know about Prohormones


Among the substances that make up the human body are hormones. They play an important role to maintain order in the body for they serve as messengers that travel through the different parts to help and coordinate with the cells and organs to do their respective works.

The role of prohormones then is to strengthen and to enhance those already existing hormones in the body. They are the precursors to those hormones present in the human body.


It undergoes a process of conversion until it becomes a fully active hormone. The first step in that process is that it would be filtered by the liver during metabolism through the use of the liver enzymes, which would speed up the process of conversion until it would become an active hormone and serve as an anabolic steroid. The enzymes present in the liver are needed for a conversion to take place.


It enhances and strengthens the hormones in the body, thus enabling the body to have more and stronger muscles. Furthermore, it increases the production of testosterones which are responsible for the appearance of male characteristics although females also have a production of these hormones. They are the ones responsible for building muscle mass as well as for endurance. It can also be used to increase the weight of a person.


Bodybuilders and athletes are the common users of prohormones. It gives them the results that the usual anabolic steroids can provide. It can give them the strength and endurance that they need to meet the demands of their chosen fields like in the case of the body builders, so that they could be able to lift heavier weights and achieve the bodies they desire. For the athletes, their training sessions and chosen sport may demand highly of their energy and endurance to be able to keep up, this then is where the supplement can be of help to them. Aside from those, it can also help them recover faster if ever they have figured in an accident and got themselves injured.

People who suffer from medical conditions that involve muscle wasting or muscle loss are also some who make use of this supplement. This is because doing so would help them maintain a healthy and desirable weight.

There are limitations though to who can make use of the supplement. For one, those below the age of 21 are not yet advised to take them especially since during puberty, the production of testosterone hormones are at its highest and there are still a lot of changes happening to their bodies. Making use of the supplement can thus upset their normal growth and hormone production.

There is also a high tendency for the women who would intend to use the supplement to have androgenic effects or to have a development of some male features or characteristics. As mentioned, prohormones increase the production of testosterone in the body.


Prohormones are not entirely safe for they are methylated which means there is a possibility of bringing harm upon the liver by bringing in toxins. Although there are some that are developed as non-methylated. Still, the effects brought about by the supplement would also rely on how often the supplement is used and whether expert recommendations are strictly followed such as the use of post cycle therapy (PCT) which could help them to balance the natural hormone production and to avoid lapses as well.

Aside from that, it also has some side effects such as hair loss, enlargement of the tissues in the breasts, and skin acne. The good thing though about prohormones is that they are considered legal compares to the steroids that people got used to. In general then, they are a bit safer use if to be compared to steroids especially since there are already some that are safe enough for the liver.

Dec 2014

Going Beyond the Design: Other Ways to Customize an ID Lanyard

One of the best things about wholesalelanyards is that practically everything about them can be customized. Although most people are more concerned with how best to layout a company or institution’s name or logo on a lanyard strap (as well as what colors to select for maximum visibility and aesthetic appeal), there are actually several other options that a client can examine in order to arrive at a truly unique lanyard.

From the material used to make the lanyard cord to the way the logo or design is applied to the lanyard strap, the following are just some of the ways that a client can take the customization process of their desired lanyards even further:

ID lanyards1.) The lanyard design itself. While a lanyard’s general look and make-up hasn’t changed much since it was first invented in the 1600’s, companies that manufacture ID lanyards have also come up with subtle variations on the theme, which include:

a. Imprinted lanyards. These generally employ the silkscreen print method to impress a brand name or logo onto a lanyard strap. Since imprinted lanyards are perhaps the cheapest and the easiest sort to produce, they are arguably the best-selling variant.

b. Shoelace lanyards. Slightly thinner than the imprinted lanyards, shoelace lanyards are often made of polyester, with their ends crimped or sewn together. As its name suggests, this sort of material has a textured feel, much like the kind associated with traditional shoelaces. This type of lanyard design is best for companies with simple logos, designs, or font styles, and is also appropriate for the silkscreen print method.

c. PVC plastic lanyards. These were designed for outdoor use, with the PVC plastic material straps meant to repel dust or water (i.e., from rainfall), and are particularly favored by companies whose employees are often exposed to outside elements.

2.) The color scheme. While most companies that manufacture ID lanyards can usually come up with pretty much any kind of hue that their client can think of, there are about three basic kinds of color schemes:

a. One-color lanyards. Since these are the simplest and the most straightforward to make, they are usually the most economical and the fastest to produce. The best thing about one-color lanyards is that they also make deciding on font and logo colors a lot easier since the designer will only need to come up with one or two contrasting colors to make the layout visible.

b. Multi-color lanyards. For companies or institutions that employ more than one distinct color in their branding, this is an advisable option. One caveat of this variant, however, is that getting the right color scheme (especially when the colors of the logo and the font are taken into consideration) can be quite tricky.

c. Dye-sublimated lanyards. Unlike in the case of multi-color lanyards where more than one kind of colored fabric is stitched up or crimped together to form a dual or triple-colored lanyard strap, dye-sublimated lanyards often begin as plain white cords. These are then dipped accordingly into the appropriate color dyes in order to come up with the client’s desired color scheme.

3.) The way the design is applied to the lanyard cord. There are generally three ways for applying a logo or name to ID Lanyards:

a. Silkscreen printing. This is the easiest and the fastest way, and it usually involves the creation of a custom screen that invokes the client’s design pattern. Paint is then applied to the lanyard cord via the said screen to create the design imprint.

b. Embroidery. Sewing machines are employed to mechanically stitch on the logo or the name onto the lanyard cord. Though this results in a more visible design (the stitching makes it look a little three-dimensional), it is only advisable for simpler logos and designs.

c. Woven-in designs. Perhaps the trickiest method of all, this involves having a machine weave the design right into the lanyard strap. This method, however, also often results in the most durable lanyard design since the logo or brand name doesn’t fade or chip away easily.

Dec 2014

How to be Thoughtful with Logo Lanyards

When looking for logo lanyards that are available in low prices, the best place to start your search is online. However, the prices of these items may still vary depending on the type of materials used in their making. In addition, the number of pieces you order at once is also an important factor that affects the cost. Buying wholesale lanyards is highly recommended as it usually comes with discount promos.

logo lanyardsLanyards that are made of cheap materials are usually available for affordable prices. You have to look for the items that are made of cheap materials such as poly-cotton, plastic beads and polyester. The best type of material used in making lanyards is polyester, as it is made up of thick threads. Polyester is simply perfect if you want to imprint a logo or slogan onto it.

Lanyards can contain a logo or a tagline would make for a powerful promotional tool. As a matter of fact, they are now becoming more and more popular among business enterprise owners these days. Companies of any industry and any size opt for this kind of marketing strategy as it can effectively convey information top the target market. Logo lanyards contain useful information about the company, which is also communicated in such an easy to understand manner. The use of these items is definitely one of the most effective ways to introduce and even to make products and services well known to potential customers.

Lanyards also come in a wide array of strap designs and patterns including animal prints, smiley faces, denim prints, camouflage prints and flower prints. You can also find beaded lanyards that are typically made of plastic beads. This type of lanyard is a great gift to both adults and kids. They can be used as a stylish fashion accessory. They are also considered as one of the most affordable lanyards as they are also made of cheap materials. These items are perfect if you want to give presents to nurses, teachers, office workers and students.

If you want to give a meaningful gift to your friends and loved ones, then the best options for you are logo lanyards. You can have your special message imprinted onto these items. These lanyards are definitely memorable gifts you can give to anyone as they can convey your message efficiently.

If you want to give something that can show how much you care for someone, then you have to go for items that offer safety features. One of the most important components that you have to look for in a lanyard is the safety breakaway closure. This feature allows the item to breakaway in the event that it is being pulled strongly. It definitely adds to the security and safety of the person wearing the accessory. The items that are loaded with this special feature are ideal for little ones, athletes and people who work near heavy equipment.

Another important feature that you have to look for in logo lanyards is the adjustable length buckle. This feature is extremely useful when you are not quite sure of the right length of the person you will give the accessory to. With the help of this feature, the wearer can set the strap on any desired length. A retractable reel is also an essential feature that you have to look for in lanyards. This feature allows the wearer to attach small objects onto the accessory. With the use of this feature, you can have a room for safekeeping your ID cards, keys, keycards and even cell phone.

The special features mentioned above are typically seen only on more expensive logo lanyards. Cheaper items often offer less features than the items available for higher prices. However, those special features are definitely worth some extra money, as they provide great advantages. They can help you express the thoughtful and caring person in you.